Best Project Management Software

Best Project Management Software – Even the most seasoned project managers can benefit from using project management software and tools to keep up with their workload. There are over 300 different choices available. It is not always easy to determine how to get started.

Because of this, we have completed the difficult task for you; we have produced a list of the finest PM software for each industry or category, including the cost of each tool, to assist you in selecting the PM software that is most suited to your needs.

The various platforms and tools that assist managers and teams in planning, coordinating, and carrying out all aspects of project planning are included in the software used for project management.

In a nutshell, it is a collection of tools and applications intended to assist you in working more effectively.

There is a highly diverse selection of software for project management, ranging from individual to-do lists to full “all-in-one” software that assists enterprises of varying sizes and types in creating work. These programs can be found online.

6 Best Project Management Software


The management of processes and tasks is made easy using ClickUp. You can modify your workflow however you see fit, assign jobs, and include a variety of task dependencies. This tool will function well for you if you work in an agile manner. Utilizing this application, you may monitor your team’s workload, manage the resources available to your team, organize your sprints, and collaborate with other teams.

The price:

  • Free Plan
  • Unlimited Plan (€4.55 user/month)
  • Business Plan (€8.18 user/month)


Because it is an online kanban tool, Trello is different from the other project management software that is now available. This indicates that it can see the entirety of a project in a single view. Trello allows users to create cards and then relocate those cards around a virtual board. These cards can display various information, such as chats or to-do lists, and they can be affixed to a board to make it possible for any user of the designated tool to view this information.

The price:

  • Free Plan (with unlimited boards, lists, cards, and members)
  • Business Class Package ($9.99/month, includes a total number of ‘power-ups,’ which are various features and integrations of third-party apps.)
  • Enterprise Package ($20.83/month)

TeamWork Projects

Teamwork Projects is an excellent piece of software for managing projects, and it is recommended for power users of project management software. Teamwork Projects provides you with all the tools you will require to monitor the progression of a project. The application is quite adaptable and comes with various user-friendly features, such as Task Management, Milestones (for instance, you may link task lists to Milestones), Messaging, File Storage, Time Tracking tools, and more. Working together on a project lets teams better visualize the project by using tools like gantt charts, highlighted calendars, and reporting systems. Support for managing one’s files is available through DropBox, Google Drive, and

The price:

  • Small Office ($69/month)
  • Business Plan ($269/month)
  • Enterprise Plan (by request)


By merging all of the essential elements of project management into a single piece of software, Nifty is a cutting-edge tool for managing projects that speed up the time it takes to build new projects and boosts the overall productivity of teams. The final result is progress driven by milestones, which keeps teams motivated and ensures that corporate goals remain on track.

The software provided by Nifty enables you to manage tasks using either a kanban or a list view; it also has an integrated calendar that can be combined with Google, and it supports the exchange of files and documents. Because each project on Nifty has its discussion thread, which encourages communication tailored to that project, collaboration on the platform comes naturally.

Nifty also has an integration with Github, which sets it apart from other similar products because it encourages cooperation across departments in a way that no other product does.

The price:

  • 10 team members: $39/month
  • 25 team members: $79/month
  • 50 team members: $124/month

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a comprehensive piece of software for managing projects, and it has an intuitive and uncluttered user interface. This software covers a wide range of topics, including Project Planning (which involves dividing projects into more manageable units) and Gantt Charts (which allow users to track the progress of tasks visually), Reporting Tools, Collaboration Software (which facilitates communication between consultants, vendors, employees, and customers), and Document Management. Integration with other applications, such as Google Apps and DropBox, is possible. An investigation into Zoho in further detail is presented here.

The price:

  • Free Plan (1 Project and 10 MB Storage)
  • Express Plan (€25/month)
  • Premium Plan (€50/month)
  • Enterprise Plan (€80/month)


The straightforward yet potent Kanban structure MeisterTask employs makes for a more streamlined approach to project management. This clever and easy online task management tool is famous for organizations that value clean visual design and user experience. Its extensive collaboration capabilities make it an ideal solution for managing various tasks.

Working with coworkers, whether in the same physical location or working from home, may be made easy and pleasurable thanks to features such as watching, mentioning, tags, and task scheduling.

MeisterTask has an innovative agenda that is the first of its type. This agenda is a personal board that can organize and pin tasks from any project. MeisterTask can maintain its speed and logic despite its multiple functionalities, thanks to various sophisticated automations and solid native connections with software like G Suite, Slack, and GitHub.

The price:

  • Free Basic Version
  • Pro Version (($8.25/per user/per month)
  • Business Version($20.75/per user/per month)
  • Enterprise Version (by request)

It is crucial to evaluate aspects such as the size of your organization and team, the number of features you require, and whose qualities you value the most to select the appropriate project management software. In either case, we believe that you will rapidly conclude that having such software in place will do the work that you do each day a great deal simpler.

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