Best Dental Insurance You Should Choose

Best Dental Insurance – If your current health insurance policy does not include coverage for dental care, purchasing a separate dental insurance policy may be the most effective method for you to maintain good oral health.

Generally, the cost of standard dental treatment (such as cleanings and X-rays) ranges from $40 to $97, and the cost of more complex operations, such as a root canal, can be over $1,000 per tooth.

Dental insurance can provide significant financial savings, particularly in expensive restorative work such as crowns, fillings, implants, and braces.

These top dental insurance plans for 2022 are outlined here in order to assist you in locating dental treatment that meets your needs.

5 Best Dental Insurance You Should Choose

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is available anywhere in the country, provides extensive dental benefits, and does not impose an age cap on patients who can get braces, making it an excellent option for families and people who want orthodontic care.

Delta Dental is one of the few companies that offers orthodontic benefits to people of any age, including children and adults above the age of 19. The state of California, Florida, and New York, each had three different plan options, of which two offer orthodontic treatment.

Delta Dental Coverage

  • Delta PPO Premium: includes everything from routine care (one hundred percent) to significant and fundamental operations (20–50%). Treatment with orthodontic appliances is covered for up to a lifetime maximum of $1,500.
  • Delta Care USA: the low-cost HMO dental plan offered by the employer has fixed copayment rates for preventive, basic, and major services (including orthodontics). There are no annual limits or deductibles associated with this plan. Beneficiaries in California can pay an out-of-pocket maximum of $2,800 for orthodontic treatment, with the remaining cost being covered by the plan. The disadvantages include the requirement that policyholders pay the yearly premium in full at the beginning of the policy and the restricted provider network.


DentaQuest’s Personal Dental Plus plan covers 100% preventative dental services, 50% primary dental care, and 30% significant dental operations for less than $15 each month.

DentaQuest provides dental care that is both preventive and all-encompassing at a cost that is noticeably cheaper than that of its rivals.

The Personal Dental Plan is a preventive-only plan that may be purchased for $8.35 per month. This plan covers annual cleanings, X-rays, and evaluations. The following plan levels, Personal Dental Plan Basic and Personal Dental Plus provide a higher level of coverage for both minor and major restorative services, such as tooth extractions, fillings, denture repairs, and oral surgery. These plan tiers also provide additional benefits.

DentaQuest Coverage

The following policies provide DentaQuest’s members with access to the company’s most extensive coverage:

  • Individual and Family Dental Comprehensive Ortho 15000 Plan (year benefit maximum of $1,500)
  • Individual and Family Dental Comprehensive Ortho 2000 Plan (annual benefit maximum of $2,000)

Both plans pay one hundred percent of the cost of preventative treatment, eighty percent of the cost of essential work, and fifty percent of the cost of costly operations, such as braces for children and adults.

Guardian Direct

Guardian Direct differentiates from the competition since it includes 50% primary work coverage on all of its policies, except the Starter, which is the company’s option for a preventive-only plan.

The Core plan from Guardian Direct has a monthly premium starting at $23.62, covering various dental operations, including crowns, oral surgery, implants, and dentures. The annual maximum limitations begin at $500 and increase to $1,000 by the third year, whereas the separate lifetime maximum for dental implants is $700. Annual maximum limits start at $500.

Guardian Direct Coverage

In the middle tier, known as the Achiever plan, orthodontic benefits are extended to persons younger than 19 years old, and the annual maximum restrictions are raised. The plan begins with a cap of $1,000 and increases to $1,500 by the third year after it has been in effect.

The final option is the Diamond plan, which begins with a maximum payment limit of $1,500 for the first year and provides coverage for teeth whitening (with a yearly limitation of $500).


There are a total of six different dental plan options available through Humana dental insurance. These include four plans that give coverage both in and outside their provider network, one dental savings plan, and a low-cost HMO plan with a restricted provider network.

The Humana dental plan options begin with five PPO policies that provide varied levels of coverage to accommodate each beneficiary’s unique dental care requirements and available funds.

Humana Coverage

Preventive Value People looking for affordable preventative care and interested in PPO are in the right place.

In addition to providing coverage for routine treatments like fillings and simple extractions, the Bright Plus PPO plan also provides veteran savings on prescriptions and discounts on vision and hearing care.

The latter two policies, Complete Dental PPO and Loyalty Plus PPO, offer the most all-encompassing coverage with benefits for preventative, fundamental, and major operations, respectively.

Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental is one of the only providers that eliminates waiting periods across the board for its dental policies and in every benefit category, including significant and restorative dental work.

Spirit Dental Plan and Coverage

The plan options provided by Spirit Dental can be broken down into two categories: Network and Choice.

The beneficiaries of Network plans are eligible for the best rates with providers who are part of the approved network. In contrast, beneficiaries of Choice plans are free to choose any provider they want, regardless of whether or not they are part of a network. The negative to having this level of flexibility is that it leads to higher premiums and out-of-pocket payments.

The Pinnacle Choice and the Pinnacle Network plans, offered by Spirit Dental, have an annual maximum of up to $5,000 for the calendar year (except in Connecticut, Illinois, and New York).

This benefit is a huge leap from the typical maximum of $1,500, a significant relief for policyholders who need to finance expensive treatments such as implants or dentures. However, to get the entire $5,000, participants must pay exorbitant premium rates and wait until the third year after enrolling in the program.

The monthly rates for dental plans can run anywhere from $17 to $96. The cost varies according to the type of plan, the degree of coverage, and the state in which the individual resides.

Plans with the lowest premiums typically include preventative procedures but provide inadequate or no coverage for essential services. On the other side, the plans that have the highest premiums typically have waiting periods that are shorter or do not exist at all, large yearly limitations, and complete coverage that includes preventative, essential, and significant work.

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